What you should do when You’re Not in a Hand

Sometimes you just get to a casino and sit by the table to watch how other players are getting at it. Probably because the level of play is beyond your own or you simple don’t feel like playing tonight. Sometimes you get an opportunity to watch other players playing in between tournaments when you are waiting for your game to come. Whatever the case, when you are not in a hand, there are things you should be doing instead of just watching the game.

I will give you examples of the things you need to be doing when you are not in a qqpokeronline hand. The things this article highlights will keep you occupied and allow you to actually learn something so that you don’t just waste time.

Practice counting down the pot

Part of knowing which hand to play involves knowing the size of the pot at the table. In normal online poker games, the size of the pot will be displayed on the poker table right in front of you. However, the same is not true for brick and mortar games. Here, you will have to do the counting yourself. There are players who have mastered the skill of counting the pot automatically so that they know its size at any given time they are in a game. Some player don’t even know how counting the pot is done.

The importance of knowing the size of the pot is that there may come a time when the decision you make directly depends on the size of the pot. If you have this information, it takes you less time to arrive at the decision than if you don’t know. In the worst case scenario, you may make the wrong decision because you don’t know how big the pot is. Thus, practicing to count the pot is a useful activity to engage in when you are not in a hand.

Replay hands in your head

A good QQ online poker strategy is understanding the reasoning behind the actions of your opponent. Your opponents don’t make calls and raises without a good reason behind it. Thus, it is sometimes better to just take the time and go over the action from a previous hand when you are not in a game. The more you go through the actions from a previous hand, the easier it becomes to do it, and the easier you can figure out what happened and what you would have done instead to win if you lost.

Track your opponents’ tendencies

When you are in a hand, it can be very hard to see very move and tendency your opponent displays. When playing online, you have a lot of information made available to you by a HUD. You can see immediately how frequently your opponent check-folds, and c-bets among other tendencies. The same is not present in a brick and mortar setup. Thus, you will have to do this work on your own. When you are not in a hand, watch carefully the tendencies of each player, you might learn something.