The way to select Lottery Winning Figures

Is it possible to learn to pick lottery winning figures? What is the secret to picking individuals magic figures that will come on the following lottery draw?

Well if you think maybe within the theory from the loa there possibly is. Among the primary concepts from the loa is a “shared awareness” – i.e. the idea that we’re all produced from the same things, as well as on a grander scale all of us share and have the same awareness – the “universal awareness”.

Which means that when we consider things and concentrate in it then our ideas get into this universal awareness and therefore are forecasted to us… So basically everything we consider, whether bad or good, we attract into our way of life…

So…. by considering winning the lottery, and picking winning figures we attract this phenomenon back to our way of life. We take advantage of the universal awareness which controls us, the brain, everybody else, as well as knows exactly what the lottery results is going to be – it’s everything – so we get access to these details. It may be via a greater intuition, a gut feeling concerning the figures, or simply a much deeper feeling of things to pick.

How to get it done?

There’s a couple of methods to enhance your accessibility universal awareness while increasing your opportunity of winning the lottery, only one rather easy method that is gaining recognition is using subliminal audio. Using these tracks you’ll be able to refocus the mind internally by directly targeting your subconscious with statements which focus yourself on winning the lottery.