Mistakes That Many People Do Make When They Are Betting on Football & nbsp

Football gives you many opportunities to win big, as you can bet on almost everything: corners, falling, cards, failure, and much more. One of the bookmakers even offered a bet on Neymar’s tears at the 2018 World Cup.

However, your hereditary luck is not a key factor that can increase your winning capacity. There is a solid theory behind winning odds, and there are multiple ways to develop your own successful strategy. You can start from the simplest steps like following a tipster who offers the best bookie, let’s say https://odds2win.bet/bonuses/india/melbet, and move towards complex statistics-based theories, such as Schukin’s strategy. Don’t hesitate to use predictions, for example, at https://odds2win.bet/predictions/football, as a guidebook and identify the mistakes most bettors do to avoid them in your practice.

3 Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Chasing big profits. Sports gambling is similar to trading in its basics: anything boasting high returns leads to greater risks.  There are strategies like accumulator bets that should be avoided. Placing more than one bet increases the odds value by multiplying everything together, which theoretically results in a greater income. However, the risk is much higher when adding more bets! Try Matched Betting or Arbitrage, which are less profitable but more reliable.
  2. Considering illegal bookmakers. Bet only with a bookie that is legal on the territory of your country. This is the guarantee that you’ll receive your payout if you follow all the rules of the bookmaker. Choose different bookmakers to increase your chances to win. The higher the value, the higher the price of the offer. That is why the odds differ from bookie to bookie, which drives the Arbitrage mentioned above.
  3. Relying on your gut feeling instead of statistics. A statistical forecast is math-based. It does not take into account players’ current form, a team’s mood, and other factors that cannot be expressed in figures. Mathematical predictions come true in the long run. This method is for professionals rather than for newbies.