How to cope with losing at poker

No matter how good you are at poker online, there will come a time when you will lose a ton of money on the worst losing streak of your life. Every gambler who has ever played consistently has had a period of losing that made them like quitting. Some actually quit and go home while others find ways to cope. If you intend to be great at poker, you need to come up with a strategy for coping with losses when they happen.

There are several ways that you can cope with a losing streak and this article will highlight the most common ones that almost every gambler out there uses. How you react to a bad time in your gambling activities will hugely shape you as a player so you should take this information seriously so that you don’t end up on a bender that will ruin your life for nothing.

Practice bankroll management

Bankroll management is a very important skill that every serious online daftar idn poker needs to master. What is often funny about most gamblers is that they only manage their bankroll when they are winning, but the minute they start losing, they drop all their bankroll management skills and start engaging in guess work and wishful thinking. The worst think that you can do playing online gambling games is to start chasing losses. This makes you overcommit and engage in activities that you otherwise wouldn’t engage in. The end result is that you will lose all your money and probably go bankrupt if you dint stop.

Part of managing your bankroll is separating your daily expenses from your bankroll money. Money that you commit in your bankroll should stay there no matter what. You only use it to play and not to foot your daily bills.

Think long-term not short-term

If you wish to play poker for a long time, you must be able to think long term. You should not allow a single loss or a few losses to affect your game so much that it costs you money in the long run. Poker is never a one-time thing and you will play thousands of games with hundreds of thousands of rounds. The best way to stay successful is to plan for the future and not for the game you are currently playing. You should count your wins or losses over longer periods of time, say, a month, half a year, a year, or two years. You should be able to see your bankroll grow over the course of time. When you do this, you don’t have to worry over a temporary downswing.

Take a break

Lastly, taking a break from the table is part of the game in poker and it is something that you should exercise quite frequently. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean staying away from poker. You could still engage in poker in various ways, but still stay away from the tables. A good activity you could engage in while on a break is writing about your experience playing poker. How about starting a blog and write to people about poker or open a youtube channel and make videos advising those who are just getting started playing poker?