Four Awesome Ways to Control the Pot when Playing Poker

No matter what kind of poker player you are, being able to control the pot effectively ensures your success at the poker table. It is imperative to know when to play a big pot and when not to be aware of your progress. Pot control in poker means attacking a decent-size kitty once your hand is strong and sticking to smaller pots for more marginal hands. However, it may not be easy to determine when to have a good hand compared to the people you are playing against.  Also, determining when to follow a value technique and exercise pot control can be challenging. Whether you are playing poker in online casinos like w88 or other gaming sites, below are some tips to control the pot.

Know who you are Playing Against

Having the ability to read your opponents and expect their move is important to successfully control the pot. You can use the value betting approach to passive players to accumulate a pot with a decent size. However, ensure you bet and raise at the perfect time so that passive players will remain interested. There are unpredictable players you cannot read and obvious bluffers have to control the pot so these players don’t dominate proceedings.

Know when you can Initiate a Showdown

 It is necessary to predict the strength of your opponent’s hands and their possibility of a good draw. Initiate a showdown if your hand is strong. If you have the confidence in your hand, then bet small or call. Do this in an encouraging way so that your opponent will hold on. However, if your hand is weak, then think wisely. Avoid letting your chip count drop just to get a long shot.

Make Yourself Unpredictable by Varying your Game

Controlling the pot is about aggression that makes sense at the right times. Think about varying your game to prevent other players to read on you and don’t embrace obvious techniques or patterns.

Take Advantage of Sensitive Players

A lot of playing behaviors are likely to cause your opponents to bet or not to bet. If you want to predict such type of reactions, you need to be in the game. Feel the game’s momentum in front of you. But, don’t expect to always succeed in your intentions. Other players in the table have their own wills and you can expect them to play their hands the best way they can to get the best results possible.