Finest Gaming Experience of Online Poker, Rise to Fame

Over the past decade, poker has gained worldwide popularity. Not only online poker, but also tournaments in real life, today thousands of fans from all over the world gather for gaming tables, and poker stars are watched from all corners of our planet. One reason for the huge popularity of this game was the online tournaments, which, in turn, added significant weight to poker, giving millions of fans to enjoy this game. Thanks to the wide coverage of tournaments in the media, the ranks of poker fans have significantly increased.

History of Poker

The first poker “sick” Americans. At that time, the most skilful and dexterous players were swindlers and rogues who could first hide one or two cards, and then at the appropriate moment again return them to the hand “inflating” their rivals. But it was just the beginning. Years passed, and the game gained its popularity among different strata of society. One of the first interest in poker was shown by the military, and then poker became the favorite game of the broad masses. The present qqpoker is different to a great extent.

The Spread of Poker

Soon the borders of the North American continent were pushed aside, and poker swept across Europe. Began to appear new varieties of poker, in which the skill and skill of the player became decisive factors on the way to success. By the time the poker has already reached a new level: poker pros “honed” their skills and earned decent money in the most “green” private tournaments.

Poker boom

With the advent of Internet poker, the number of satellite tournaments is increasing, and after that the number of fans is growing every day. After winning the option went to an amateur player who earned a ticket to the tournament after qualifying through the satellite online, online poker was a stunning success. At this time, there are cameras (hole card camera) that allow spectators watching the game to see combinations of player cards and, thus, to calculate possible moves. These are the second types of players who come up playing them.

Demanding Players

Players of the third type are very demanding. As a rule, they have a family, a permanent job, a hobby, but they do not have enough free time to play poker. Their goal is to study the game in depth, which will make it possible to have a small income in addition to entertainment. Poker is considered a very fine game, capable of generating revenue. On average, the number of players of this type is 4-6% of the total number.


The fourth type is semi-professional players. This type of good earnings on the game, but they do not have enough money to prove themselves in full. They play poker for the sake of money. Such players conduct a thorough study of the game, noting for themselves any new strategic move or trick. Behind the showy fun and abstract behavior at the table, as a rule, there is a serious focus on the gameplay. This group of people knows all the details of rake and other aspects of poker. Compared to the majority, they play more profitable, preferring to play in the rooms with the smallest rake, seriously choosing the tables for the game. This group can be attributed to about 3-4% of the total number of players.

The Last Type

They make up a small amount from playing qqpoker (about 1-2% of the asset) and live exclusively poker. For them, the game is absolutely everything, their work and hobby at the same time. Without winnings, they cannot pay bills and make purchases. For them, money in poker is life itself. Playing poker, players of this type have little fun, for them it is, above all, “a hard way to a carefree life.”