Card combinations with poker

There are many different card combinations you have if you are playing poker in a casino. Sometimes it can get a little bit confusing what kind of combinations you can have. It is also important to note that some combinations are better than other combinations. In this article we are going to discuss the most important and strong combinations that are possible within poker.

Royal flush

The best combination you can possibly have with poker is a royal flush. If you have a royal flush it is your lucky day because you have a really big shot at winning your poker game. A royal flush consists of one ace, one queen, one jack and one ten with the same suits.

Straight flush

You also have a lesser version of the royal flush. This is a straight flush. You get a royal flush if you get five cards of the same suits. If there are multiple royal flushes within the game, the player with the highest cards wins.

Four of a kind 

Another combination with poker is a four of a kind. This is when you get four of the same cards. This is the case if you have for example four queens. If you get a four of a kind with poker you have a pretty high chance of winning your poker game.

Full house

In poker you also have the option to have a full house. This is if you have three cards with the same value and then also have two cards with the same value. For example you can have three tens and you also have two cards with the value three. If two people have a full house the same rule applies as the one with the royal flush. The person with the highest cards wins.