Add Blocking Bet in Your Poker Game Arsenal to Exploit Your Opponents

In poker, blocker bet means wagering from out-of-position, so as to control the amount of money that goes in the pot on given betting round. When you are holding marginal hand, which cannot stand against a big bet then a small bet can be made, which possibly gets called but not raised. So, you get a chance to see one more card or can go for a showdown at cheap price. Blocking bets are effectively applied in tournaments and cash games.

Blocking bets are often made out-of-position as you need to take action before your opponents. However, when you make small bets, you are open to get bluffed re-raise. This move is suited best against inexperienced opponents.

Which hands warrants river value bet?

In poker, your hands need to be so strong that anytime you are called they need to be best during showdown. The aim of value bet is trying to force your opponent make a call with poor hand. There are some factors to consider before you decide to block bet the pot holding ranging from single pair hand to full house.

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Ideal opponent to value bet

The most crucial factor to consider before placing a value bet is your opponent. It can make all the difference. With any pair, one may call big river bets and other may choose to fold the lot but trips. It is crucial to recognize the playing tendencies of your opponents, prior you make yourself vulnerable with value bet.

Ideal opponent is the loose passive player, who plays multiple hands and goes far. If you detect a player calling lightly hammer those with good kicker, top pair because you are certain the player will call. In addition, loose passive players [nature] hardly punish with check raise.

Never ignore tight aggressive poker players

You can even target tight aggressive opponents with value betting. This sounds counter-intuitive, how can both tight-aggressive and loose-passive be targets of value bet?

The tight-aggressive styled player tends to defeat the lose-passive ones, so they may possibly make river calls even with worse hands. However, the player needs to be good. They are well aware that player firing huge bets or a river bet is either bluffing or has a monster. Monsters are few, so plenty of tight aggressive players make hero calls on those making river bet. Find such players and exploit them.

In poker, block betting is a tool that need to be added to your arsenal. You can argue for block, bet, check call, or check fold against different players with same hand and similar situation. The challenge is to find out what exactly, you need to do against each player.